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Viessmann Vitodens 100w Combi 26kw

heating - boilers - Viessmann Vitodens 100w Combi 26kw
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Viessmann Vitodens 100w Combi 26kw Product Information

Product Information
ManufacturerViessmann Boilers


D X W X H DHW @ 35Deg C Gas

340 X 400 X 725 10.6 l/min 15mm

Established in 1917, Viessmann draws on more than 90 years of experience in the development and manufacture of heating systems and due to its high commitment to

quality, it is Europe's single largest brand in heating technology. Viessmann is a third generation family business and as such is able to hold true to its principles of innovation, efficiency and sustainability; which is a significant reason behind Viessmann's continuing success.

Viessmann offers five year warranty as standard on range of Vitodens 100-W gas-fired condensing boilers.

InoX-Radial heat exchanger

Stainless steel is, without doubt, the best material for primary heat exchangers in condensing boilers. One of the unique design features of all Vitodens boilers is the Inox-Radial heat exchanger made from high grade stainless steel. The spiral wound tube, with rectangular profile is designed to ensure a laminar flow without a boundary layer for excellent heat transfer. ( It has a large bore which cannot be blocked by crud from the system )

This self-cleaning component is so reliable that it is guaranteed for 10 years

against corrosion.

Weather compensation

With the increasing cost of fuel,boiler efficiency is becoming more and more important.The only way to improve the efficiency of a good quality condensing boiler is to add weather compensation controls.

The Vitodens100-W Combination and System* models are designed to work with optional weather compensation controls, to achieve additional fuel savings of up to12%-meaning huge savings every year, for a small initial outlay. (*System models must be installed as a 4-pipe system)

For the boiler to operate in weather compensation mode, it needs to be connected toa small sensor on a north facing outside wall.When the temperature changes outside, the boiler responds by increasing or decreasing the radiator temperature, to compensate. This proactive mechanism means that the boiler burns as much fuel as it needs –but no more– to achieve the desired room temperature.This keeps the return temperature as low as possible, meaning that the boiler can condense more, thus saving more fuel. People inside the building will experience a constant temperature and won’t even notice that the temperature outside has changed–but they will notice a significant reduction of their gas bills! Good news for planners – the weather compensation feature adds 2% to the boiler’s SEDBUK efficiency when using SAP(Standard Assessmant Procedure).

Take advatage of these benefits:

■Rated outputs: 26 kW, 30 kW and 35 kW

■10 year warranty on the Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger

■SEDBUK rated

■Modulating MatriX pre-mix cylinder burner

■Integral AquaBloc hydraulic unit for easy service & maintenance

■Pre-heat function on Combination models

■Extremely quiet operation

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