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Vogel & Noot Viennaline Radiator K2 600 X 1000

heating - radiators - Vogel & Noot Viennaline Radiator K2 600 X 1000
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Vogel & Noot Viennaline Radiator K2 600 X 1000 Product Information

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Product Information
ManufacturerVogel Noot
Output5845 BTUs / 1713 Watts

VIENNALINE Compact radiators are function in its purest form and are designed to be suitable for use in all areas of the home as well as commercial buildings. Making a lasting impression, due to their superior design and outstanding features, each radiator comes supplied with a factory fitted top grille and side panels. They have the added bonus of the grille being quickly removable for ease of cleaning.
The white décor clips supplied can be changed at any time to chrome or a range of other colours to complement your individual decorative requirements - please contact our Sales Department for further information.

• State-of-the-art technology
• Advanced design giving high efficiency characteristics
• Carry a 10 year warranty
• Can be combined with low temperature systems
• Each compact radiator has 4 x 1/2 inch BSP tappings for flexibility of connection
• Stock range of 187 different SKU’s in K1, P+ & K2
• K3 triple panel models available by special order
• Heights ranging from 300mm - 750mm and lengths from 400mm - 3000mm

Heat Output
The VIENNALINE Compact range has an advanced design giving high efficiency characteristics. The high outputs per unit surface area for the convector models have been achieved by ensuring excellent contact between the convector plates and both the water channels and dividing metal of the radiator panels. The convector surface is spot-welded to the metal channels and fits neatly into grooves on the water channels, thus ensuring high heat transfer rates.

All information on the quality and performance of VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators is verified and confirmed by recognised European institutions on an ongoing basis, thereby guaranteeing the highest level of heating performance and optimum product quality. When used in systems designed and installed in accordance with the good practice recommendations given in the ‘Application’ section, the VOGEL & NOOT VIENNALINE Compact range carries a ten year guarantee from date of purchase against defects caused by faulty materials or manufacture. However, failure to pay attention to these recommendations (in new or existing systems) may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.
Material and Paint Finish

Every VIENNALINE Compact radiator is subjected to a thorough painting process involving degreasing, phosphating and primer coating (stoved) prior to the final finishing coat of white semi
gloss epoxy paint, which is cured at 210°C. Colour options are available with a 6-8 week delivery lead time. This means that VIENNALINE Compact radiators can be installed without further painting, although if desired (e.g. colour change), overpainting can be carried out using a good quality, oil-based gloss paint. Additionally, white touch-up paint is available.
VIENNALINE Compact radiators are made of cold-rolled sheet steel, and in accordance with EN 442-1, with stylish and robust waterways at 40 mm intervals.

All our radiators are individually wrapped in heavy duty polythene shrink-wrapping and are clearly marked externally with type and size. The radiator panels are also wrapped in cardboard and all corners are further protected with preformed caps. The packaging is designed to enable full fitting and assembly of radiators into the heating system, without removal of the protective packaging - a real plus point for new building installations. Radiators left protected in this way can be filled and run up to 40°C during initial cleaning and commissioning of the heating system.

All VIENNALINE Compact radiators are supplied with concealed wall mounting brackets. For the correct installation of radiators it is essential that the fixing of the radiator is carried out in such a way that it is suitable for intended use AND predictable misuse. A number of elements need to be taken into consideration including the fixing method used to secure the radiator to the wall, the type and condition of the wall itself, and any additional potential forces or weights that may happen to be applied to the radiator, prior to finalising installation. Each radiator is supplied complete with wall fixing brackets, blanking plug, air vent plug and vent key.

All VIENNALINE Compact radiators are fitted with 4 x 1/2" BSP connections.
Operating Pressures
Every VIENNALINE Compact radiator is tested to a pressure of 13 bar (189 psi) and is suitable for a working pressure of up to 10 bar (145 psi)

VIENNALINE Compact radiators are for use in indirect or closed circuit heating systems only, which have been properly designed and installed in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5449. In open-vented systems, special attention should be paid to the correct location of the pump in relation to the cold feed and vent pipe connections, to avoid ingress of air or water discharge through the open vent. All installation work should be carried out in accordance with recognised good practice to ensure long life. In particular, careful attention should be paid to the following:
Soldered joints should be made with a minimum amount of solder and flux. Choose a flux which is readily soluble in water.
Copper pipes should be cut and cleaned in such a way as to avoid small copper particles being left in the system (this can lead to electrolytic action and eventual corrosion in the radiator)
Corrosion inhibitors should be used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Individual installation instructions are supplied in each radiator package.

Safety Precautions
Radiators are hot when in use, and as such, present a risk of burns to users on prolonged contact. The temperature of a radiator is dependent on the temperature of the system water, as set by the system installer or user. Installers and users should ensure that those who may come into close proximity to hot radiators are aware of the risk of burns. Installers and users should take all necessary steps to minimise the risks of burns. If the risk is significant, consideration should be given to installing low surface temperature radiators, or to placing guards in front of the radiators.

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