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bathrooms - towel-rails - VIENNARAIL 400 X 1222 STRAIGHT CHROME

VIENNARAIL 400 X 1222 STRAIGHT CHROME Product Information

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Product Information
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VIENNARAIL towel warmers are for use in indirect or closed circuit heating systems only, which have been properly designed and installed in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5449. In open-vented systems, special attention should be paid to the correct location of the pump in relation to the cold feed and vent pipe connections, to avoid ingress of air or water

discharge through the open vent.

All installation work should be carried out in accordance with recognised good practice to ensure long life. In particular, careful attention should be paid to the following:

- Soldered joints should be made with a minimum amount of solder and flux. Choose a flux which is readily soluble in water.

- Copper pipes should be cut and cleaned in such a way as to avoid small copper particles being left in the system (this can lead to electrolytic action and eventual corrosion in the radiator).

- Corrosion inhibitors should be used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Individual installation instructions are supplied in each radiator package.

When used in systems designed and installed in accordance with the good practice recommendations given in the ‘Application’ section, the VIENNARAIL towel warmer carries a five year guarantee from date of

purchase against defects caused by faulty materials or manufacture. However, failure to pay attention to these recommendations (in new or existing systems) may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

Paint Finish

Unlike other manufactures, all our plating is carried out in-house, hence our attention to detail can be meticulous and perfect quality is ensured every time. A four layer plating process is applied to steel; pre nickel, bright copper, bright nickel and chrome plate layers. A further nineteen processes are applied to obtain a perfect hard-wearing, non-rusting and easy-to-clean smooth finish.


All our towel warmers are individually wrapped in heavy duty polythene shrink-wrapping and are clearly marked externally with type and size.


All VIENNARAIL towel warmers are supplied with mounting

brackets. For the correct installation of radiators it is essential that the fixing of the radiator is carried out in such a way that it is suitable for intended use AND predictable misuse. A number of elements need to be taken into consideration including the fixing method used to secure the radiator to the wall, the type and condition of the wall itself, and any additional potential forces or weights that may happen to be applied to the radiator, prior to finalising installation.


All VIENNARAIL towel warmers are fitted with 2 x internal thread 1/2" BSP connections.

Operating Pressures

Every VIENNARAIL towel warmer is tested to a pressure of 6.9 bar and is suitable for a working pressure of up to 5.3 bar.

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